Our Milestone

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Key Milestones of ROCK

  • Established Rock Hong Kong family in January 2014
  • Launched Signature Programs “Just-in-Tine (JIT) Coaching” and “Rules of Influence (ROI)” in April and September 2014 respectively
  • Won HKMA T&D Excellence Awards for a retail client thrrough applying “JIT Coaching Techniques” in 2014
  • Established Rock Guangzhou in June 2015
  • Licensed as Master Trainers and Exclusive Licensees of Micro Expression in Feburary 2016
  • Established sister company “3 Circles VR Learning Solutions” in May 2016
  • Created the first VR learning program named “Project Z” for leadership and team training in September 2016
  • Created the first VR assessment tool named “Commander” for decision making assessment in January 2017
  • Established ROCK Shanghai in March 2017
  • Launch Micro Expressions License Program in Guangzhou, Shengzhen, Shanghai and Macau in October 2017
  • Created the first AR learning program named “Power Run” for team development training in January 2018
  • Established sister company “LIME Knowledge Technology Asia” in August 2018
  • Create a new learning brand, LoooK, which provides one-stop learning solutions through 3 companies, LIME + 3 Circles + ROCK, in August 2018
  • Published a book, Coaching is Dying, to introduce Just-in-Time (JIT) Coaching in October 2018