Entrepreneur Mindset

Don’t think like a staff, think like a Boss.

Innovation Workshop

What it is:

This program focuses on helping the new recruits or interns in order to let them know what an entrepreneur is. They can learn the attitude and mindset of a successful entrepreneurs. The program provides opportunities for them to experience what factors to be a people leader.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Young employees want to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Managers want to train their new recruits to the future people leader
  • Employees want to experience the challenges and changes of being an entrepreneur
  • Employees want to identify the area that the need to improve to be an entrepreneur
Program Flow: Part 1: Normalization and Ice-breaking Activity
  • Through Psychological Activity “Natural Selection” to experience how entrepreneurs do in times of challenges and changes
Part 2: Why Goals Important and Entrepreneurs’ Attitude
  • Understand how a goal help us to save energy for the most important things
  • Learn to turn our mindset from negative to positive
Part 3: Entrepreneur Mindset vs. Employee Mindset
  • Point out the differences and how an entrepreneur thinks
  • Learn how a successful leader manage their time
Part 4: Application of the learning and visualize the Dreams
  • Identify the dream and learn to make it becomes possible
  • Through Psychological Activity “Magic Loop” to experience how to apply those learnt knowledge to make a breakthrough to meet challenging target.