Go Extra Miles

To be a Sculptor who Can See a Statue Imprisoned in a Rock

Issues to Address:

  • Want staff to do things more proactively
  • Not sure how to guide people to be more proactive
  • Feel like finding out the strengths of yourself or others
  • Improve self or others through applying the strengths
Program Focus:
  • An experiential exercise to know how you underestimate your potential
  • What is proactivity in psychology
  • 2 approaches of proactivity: risk proactivity vs rise proactivity
  • 3P & 2What techniques to act with risk and rise proactivity at work
  • Understand 34 strengths through studying strength table
  • 4 million-questions to find out the key incident that contains your strength
  • SIGN rating to test out your strength
  • FREE steps to apply strengths at work and personal development
  • STOP steps to manage and minimize weakness