Groundbreaking Problem Solving

Tools to Dissect Problems and Initiate Alternative Methods for Problem Solving

Problem Solving Techniques Program

What it is:

This program helps you and your employees to learn to think in a creative way with different dimensions. Currently many employees keep using the original way and fixed mindset to solve problems. Thus, they can learn to acquire different tools in generating more innovative solutions in this program.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Employees do not know how to generate many effective and innovative ideas
  • People encounter difficulties to identify problems clearly
  • Managers do not want their employees keep using the old way to solve problems
  • Managers want to change their employees from fixed mindset to growth mindset
  • People want to learn how to select the best idea out of the pool
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduce why we need to think from different perspectives
  • Through the Experiential Activity: The Impossible Hole” to witness the differences between thinking in a new way or not
  • Learn the 3D Process for solving problem critically
Part 2: Diagnose the true problem
  • Think critically to realize the true issue to solve
  • Learn how to think from customer’s journey to understand their pain points
Part 3: Introduce Thinking Tool for Developing Creative Ideas
  • Learn Nominal Grouping to witness the increment of new ideas
  • Learn RandomEntry to extract ideas when you have no idea
  • Use SCAMPER to dig out solutions when no directions
Part 4: Thinking Tool for Decision Making
  • Have an exercise “Decision Making under Dilemma: Attribute Listing”
  • Have case practice to revisit workflow
  • Identify ONE Tool for your upcoming work to conclude the learning of the day