Groundbreaking Problem Solving

Tools to Dissect Problems and Initiate Alternative Methods for Problem Solving

Issues to Address:
  • Require to solve non-technical problems day in day out
  • Need to lead a team to solve problems at workplaces
  • Have the duty to teach others to solve problems
  • Work for business and process transformation for corporates
  • Manage and execute different projects in corporates
  • Require to lead change occasionally
Program Focus:
  • Groundbreaking Problem Solving is about innovation, not creativity
  • 4D model of problem solving
  • Tools for root cause diagnosis: 3 analysis tools
  • Tools for idea generation: brainstorming is ineffective?
  • Tools for transformational solutions: 3 areas for attribute listing
  • Tools for imaginative solutions: 3 areas for random entry
  • Tools for decision selection: payoff matrix
  • Case study for applying Groundbreaking Problem Solving techniques