JIT: Just-In-Time Coaching

A Novel Approach of Coaching that Requires only 10 minutes to initiate behavioral Change

Coaching Training Program

What it is:

Coaching is no longer a new topic in Hong Kong, no doubt that it is a more effective tool than directive managing. However, the traditional coaching takes time and it is very difficult to put in use in Hong Kong workplace environment. To address the issue, we designed the 10-minutes Just-in-Time Coaching – a new Coaching methodology which empowers leaders to manage their colleagues using training approach in just 10 minutes. As our award-winning program, it has been adopted in clients from various industry, including luxury brands, retail, finance.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People leaders do instructing more than coaching
  • People leaders do not have enough time to do coaching
  • People leaders do not understand how to manage performance while keeping relationship well
  • Individual contributors being promoted to people leaders
Program Flow: Part 1: Why Coaching is Needed
  • Witness your own fallacies in managing others through an experiential activity “The 7 Pieces”
  • What is coaching and why is it needed
Part 2: Managing vs Coaching
  • Differentiate the key differences between two approaches
  • Know when the best moment is to use coaching according to the Development Stage of the colleagues
Part 3: The JIT-Coaching OSCAR Model
  • Learn the 5 Steps model in carrying out the JIT Coaching
  • Understand how to ask both open and close questions effectively in a coaching process
Part 4: Case Drilling
  • Drill the JIT Coaching on authentic challenging cases
  • Feedback and demo by facilitators