LAB: Leadership Ability Builder

Construct & Develop Competence-based Leadership through Psychometrics, Training and Coaching

Issues to Address:
  • Need a structured system to develop leadership abilities
  • Require to enhance leadership skills to prepare for advancement
  • Take up new roles or tasks
  • Ready for more challenges for personal growth
  • Are newly promoted managers
Program Focus:
  • Conduct Research to Find out Core Leadership Competence Model or Framework
  • Adopt Psychometrics to Assess Talents’ Strengths and Weaknesses against Competence Requirements
  • Debrief the Report Findings in order to Identify Development Needs
  • Formulate Development Plans Personally for Talents
  • Design Learning Solutions to Address the Development Needs
  • Conduct 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions to Tackle Personal Issues for Talents
  • Share the Learning Points Acquired from the Program