Less is More

Doing Less for More through Empowerment and Delegation

Issues to Address:
  • Always get involved in operational and detailed work
  • Are often busy for firefighting for subordinates
  • Have no time for formulating operational or functional strategies for own departments
  • Fancy to advance their career as a leader to next levels
  • Expand their scopes of responsibilities at workplaces
Program Focus:
  • Why You have to Delegate?
  • Common Fallacies on Delegation
  • Delegation Roadmap: Analysis, Methods and Process
  • Delegation Matrix to Analyze Who and What to Delegate
  • 5 Levels of Delegation Slop to show Different Intensity of Delegation
  • 3-In Engagement Strategies
  • MAP Empowerment Strategies
  • Authentic Case Study and Practices for Skills Application