Mindset First

What’s in Your Mind! What’s in Your Life!

Mindset Training Program

What it is:

In this program, you will learn the concept of growth mindset and fixed mindset and identify their differences. We will aid you to acquire the growth actions to develop self from fixed to growth mindset. It is crucial for you to achieve daily work goals.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People want to develop their mindset
  • People want to change to the mindset which suitable to their goals
  • People want to think differently to generate new ideas
  • People do not know how our mind and body react differently with various mindset
Program Flow: Part 1: Mindset of New Era: Growth Mindset
  • Through Psychological activity “Who scores better?” to understand the differences of mindset bring to our work and life
  • Understand why we need growth mindset to adapt digitalized future
Part 2: Growth Action #1,2,3
  • Conduct several Psychological activity like “19 Claps” and “the Worst Magic word”
  • Learn to neutralize feedback for self-improvement
Part 3: Mindset Experiential Exercise: Growth vs Fixed Cards
  • Participants go through the psychological experience of the two mindsets in an interactive card game
  • Witness the happenings in Growth Mindset thinking process
Part 4: Debriefing
  • Understand what are the happenings that makes you perform better and better in growth mindset