Rules of Influences

Influencing Others with Psychological Strategies, not Authority

Issues to Address:
  • Often use authority to influence others
  • Sometimes provoke arguments when doing persuasion work
  • Need to cooperate with other departments
  • Require to work with external vendors
  • Manage clients and build credible relationship with clients
  • Do selling or negotiation frequently
Program Focus:
  • 6 pre-requisites of influence
  • 3 sources of influence and the cost of different sources of influence
  • When is the best timing to influence others?
  • ROI on Interaction: how to make you more credible than others in daily interaction
  • ROI on Presentation: how to make your proposal or ideas more attractive to others
  • ROI on Conversation: how to influence others from 7 different perspectives
  • What is the best combined strategy on influencing others?