Unlock the Deadlock

Unveil the True Face of Conflicts and Disagreement

Conflict Management Techniques Program

What it is:

This program helps you to deal with common emotional reaction of people in conflicts and disagreement. It introduces the cause of difficult conversation and how to manage it. This program integrates many activities for the participants to learn more effective.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Employees work in frontline to do customer services or selling
  • People work as a moderator to resolve conflicts
  • Managers need to lead a team in which disagreement found among members
  • People do not know how to manage others’ emotions
Program Flow: Part 1: Root Causes of Difficult Conversation
  • Through the Stimulation Activity “Secret Meeting” to understand customers value
  • Learn the 7 Basic Emotions
  • Understand 5-wheel Model (NLP)
Part 2: Ways to manage Difficult Conversation
  • Conduct the Porker Challenge to find the possibilities in meeting customers’ expectations within a boundary
  • Understand Self-Esteem and Emotion are the ways to manage Difficult Conversation
  • Learn Active listening skills
Part 3: Learn to ask question and say “NO”
  • Use different activities to describe Open-ended Vs Closed Ended Questions
  • Use test to point out Problem Focused > Solution Focused
  • 4E Model to say “NO” in Calls
Part 4: Service Recovery / Remedy
  • Learn CLAP Model
  • Conduct VISA Application to apply what we have learnt
  • Design an action plan