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Uplifting Performance through Positive Leadership

Why we need positive leadership?

Leadership Program

What it is:

Performance becomes stagnant and people’s minds are fixed under uncertainty or complacency. Hence, this program will teach you to keep driving your and your staff’s performance by instilling a positive mindset as well as creating a positive environment.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers find that their team becomes stagnant
  • Managers do not know how to introduce a positive mindset and behaviors to staff
  • Managers encounter difficulties in creating a positive environment
  • Managers feel difficulties to drive the company’s performance
Program Flow: Part 1: Use of Positive Psychology in leading effectively
Part 2: Use of 4P Positive Leadership Strategy to drive positive mindset and behaviors
Part 3: Apply Growth Mindset to learn new behaviors and create positive impact
Part 4: Communicate and lead change in team to uplift positive performance