Where’s Your Customer?

Putting Your Customers as Priority When Making Decisions

Frontline Staff Training Workshop

What it is:

Frontline Staff represents the first impression brought to the customers. This program will teach you several easy actions in winning the customer’s heart. Also, the frontline is the first position to deal with customers’ conflicts and complaints. You will learn the methods to manage self-emotions and react to conflicts here.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Frontline Staff do not know how to create the best impression to customers
  • Frontline staff encounter difficulties on dealing with conflicts
  • Staff or Junior Manager do not know how to manage self-emotions properly
  • Frontline Staff feel hard to react to anger
Program Flow: Part 1: Use Psychology to understand Customers’ Mind
  • Through Psychological Experiential Activity to experience what customers’ thinking from their perspectives
  • Apply the knowledge to identify helper and checker behaviours
Part 2: Easy Action in Winning Customer’s Heart
  • Learn and apply the 4A steps in linking customer’s heart
  • Practice the tone and paraphrasing skills to smoothen the service atmosphere
Part 3: Understand the Keys in Triggering Conflicts
  • Conduct Psychological Experiential Activity to experience our perceptions and determine our reaction to the affair
  • Learn and apply the 4E skills to resolve quarrels and conflicts
  • Learn to react to anger
Part 4: Manage Self-Emotions in Frontline
  • Learn the key to manage self-states
  • Apply the action to manage stress