Carl Chan (Master in Business Administration)

  • Master Degree in Business Administration ftom the University of Oxford, UK
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting from San Jose State University, USA

Carl is a global citizen. He is also a combination of an experienced corporate veteran and an empathetic trainer.

Carl is an experienced business professional who believes in solving world scale problems. His pursue of this ambition led him to the MBA program in Oxford subsequent to his finance career as a CPA serving major technology companies in the Silicon Valley. In the meantime, he mentors young business professionals on cultural diverisities and career planning.

Carl has strong curiosity for social behaviors and human interactions. This attribute is further developed into a keen sense of cultural awareness as he continued to engage in business practices under different cultural contexts while serving his Silicon Valley technology clients and studying in University of Oxford.

Carl is a founding committee member of the inaugural Oxford Emerging Market Summit (OEMS). His passion to provide a fair platform for emerging countries to narrate their stories has morphed into a conference that allows eight speakers to tell the stories of their countries to more than 300 guests from prestige UK schools, companies, and institutions.

People development is in Carl’s DNA. While being a finance professional in the public accounting sector, Carl designed and led technical training for multi-national companies on complex accounting topics and process improvement. His training helps his client in tech MNCs better.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carl finds his passion deeply rooted in the success of Hong Kong and Chinese professionals on the stage of international business. The combination of his international exposure and personal interpretation of people development offers an unique and rewarding training experience for those he works with.

What’s More

Carl is an avid believer of knowledge sharing. To him, unshared knowledge is one of the most expensive waste one can afford.

He is passionate about macro economic topics and how social reforms due to technological advancement continue to reshape consumer behaviors.

You might find him sipping on a drink or two with friends in Tai Kwun on Friday nights. Don’t be shy to say hi if you see him.

Professional Designations:

  • Certified Public Accountant (California, USA)
  • Micro Expression Certified Trainer
  • 10-Minute JIT Coaching Certified Trainer