Celine Xiao (IMBA)

  • IMBA, Lingnan College of Sun Yat-Yet University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology, Sun Yat-Yen University

Celine is a scientific-practitioner with a study published in Chinese Journal of Health Psychology and presented in the 28th World Psychology Conference in Beijing.

Celine was trainig team head and HR department head for the leading companies in different industries such as IT, manufacturing, fashion and e-commerce.

Celine possessed practical and solid experience in setting up new systems and processes, and leading change projects in various organizations across different industries.

She had built up an Employee Assistance Program, EAP, system for a data storage device technology company which was with more than 4000 employees and listed in Singapore. Through 1 on 1 coaching, group activities, team sharing and cultural promotion, the staff turnover rate was significantly reduced.

As a head of HR, Celine led her team to handle all personnel issues provoked when closing a factory with 15-year history and about 400 employees. Afterwards, she built up the whole HR team and management system for a newly established factory with 3 entities. In addition, she recruited and trained all the 400 employees for it in another city.

Furthermore, being the HR team head for Trendy International Fashion Group, Celine planned and managed all the HR processes and events when leading a project to divide one centralized e-commerce business unit back into three by brandings.

“Better Customer Service viaHigher EQ” course has been developed and delivered by Celine, which was well recognized and re-purchased by China Southern Airlines, for their customers service specialists.

Celine fully enrolled in the JIT Projects in Shenzhen and Beijing, for pre-study, course revision, delivering and field coaching.

What’s More

Celine realizes that the best way to decreasing work pressure and increasing life happiness is to integrate our work with life. Thus …

She has gathered the family members to review their achievements annually and formulate a family plan for next year.

She is applying psychology and management skills and knowledge when fostering her little lovely son.

She actively contributes her passion to develop the young via providing training programs to unieristies and high schools. And she is the President of AAFMUA of Psychology Department in Sun Yat-Yet University.

Professional Designations:

  • The National Secondary Qualification of Psychological Counseling
  • Personal Development Plan Certified Trainer
  • Micro Expression Certified Trainer
  • 10-Minute JIT Coaching Certified Trainer
  • Certified Project Management Professional by PMI
  • Certified Instructional System Designer
  • Facet5 Analysis Certified Facilitator
  • Applied Play Therapy (APT) Certified Educator
  • Research paper Working Model of Social Support in Relationship of Life Events and Mental Health was published in Chinese Journal of Health Psychology in the 3rd edit of 13th volume, 2005.