Florence Chan (On-going IO Psychologist)

  • On-going Master Degree in Work and Organisational
  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Florence is an experienced trainer mainly focusing on customer experience skills training. She is also an expert in planning and executing service improvement and quality assurance projects.

Florence has been engaged in customer service and the training field for nearly 20 years, training over thousands of people in different aspects. She has served in various large companies and sectors listed under Fortune 500, including high-end and mid-range retail, after-sales service centers, corporate services and public services.

In addition to customer experience skills training, she is also an expert in enhancing company culture, employee morale, positive thinking, communication and coaching.

She focuses on the interactivity and training results, and excels at integrating different aspects of knowledge to enhance training effectiveness.

Other than training, she is also good at planning and executing service improvement schemes and quality assurance projects. She obtained professional certification of Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt (Service Industry).

Apart from service improvement projects, she also developed online and offline customer service questionnaires, conducted data analysis, created reports, established follow-up mechanisms for dissatisfied customers, monitored service quality and process, and collaborated with Information Technology Team to establish a customer service system for a well-known international retail group.

After the implementation of various service enhancement projects and initiatives, the group’s customer satisfaction level has seen great improvement, and some of the customers even commented that the group’s service performance is the best in Hong Kong’s service and retail industry!

What’s More

Florence believes training is a meaningful job because it can help people to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, she believes that thought influence behaviour, and behaviour influence results. Therefore, she is highly focused on changing mindset when designing her trainings.

In her leisure time, she likes to read business magazines, customer service and psychology related books and articles, climbing, watching movies, flower art, cooking. She is a watch lover too.

Professional Designations:

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing
  • Points of You Level 3 Expert
  • Certified NLP trainer
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • National guild of Hypnotists (NGH) registered hypnotherapist
  • Lean & Six Sigma (Service) Blackbelt Certificate