Hank Leung (Graphic Designer)

  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Guangzhou University (Geographic Information System)

Hank is not a design major, but his major is a computer science about maps and surveying and mapping which lets him not lack access to all kinds of computer software, such as 3D MAX for Modeling, CAD for Engineering, PS for Surveying and Mapping, etc. All these laid the foundation for his later design work.

Hank is keen on learning new skills. From the beginning of his freshman year, he came into contact with design and was responsible for the publicity work of his community. From then on, his interest in design became irresistible. Practice is not only his enlightenment teacher, but also his accompanying coach. After graduation, he began to work in design-related fields. After several years of training, he served as the head of the new media department in a large psychological counseling service organization in South China, carrying out online product research and development as well as publicity and promotion in an all-round way. This experience is a valuable experience for him, and cooperation with different third parties has greatly broadened his vision, thus promoting the evolution of his design level.

What’s More

Hank has a wide range of interests and hobbies, which is also a guarantee of his creativity in design.

Especially sports, basketball, tennis, badminton, archery, mountain climbing, swimming and so on are ready to date at any time. Although he loves sports, but he cannot get rid of weight and fat.

Secondly photography, axis shifting, delayed photography, long exposure, micro-distance and so on. Although he loves photography, he is still disliked by her girlfriend for his portrait shooting.