Leo Ng (Master in Work and Organisational Psychology)

  • Master in Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Master of Science (Human Resources Management)
  • Bachelor in Social Science

Leo is a guest speaker in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a master program in human resources management, a serious game designer and mobile learning application developer.

By applying his knowledge and experience as an organisational psychologist and learning game designer, Leo offers unique insights to tackle business and talent development challenges.

Leo has worker with consultancy firms, worldwide corporates and in-house management team. With good understanding of the collaborative role of the in-house L&D functions, he is flexible and agile as a training consultants to analyse organisational talent needs.

In the commercial sector, Leo partnered with renowned corporates and organisations in designing and delivering many training programs across different sectors, ranging from food & beverages, Finance & banking, cosmetics & skincare, manufacturing, and non-profiting organisations. As an in-house L&D leader, he managed the training team of the largest entertainment corporate in Hong Kong and oversaw the L&D leader, he managed the training team of the largest entertainment corporate in Hong Kong and oversaw the L&D functions in the Asia Pacific region.

Leo pursues his career to be an organisational psychologist, with a passion to introduce the best HRM and L&D practices to the industry. The study of organisational psychology is a scientific way to help understand how people think and behave in the workplace, which helps make a greater impact as a business partner, With his knowledge in this field, he conducted a Job Analysis for an operation division of 1,000+ frontline staff, designed TNA and evaluation structure for a world-class property developer, advised on competency building and performance management for a Fortune 500 cosmetics and beauty company.

What’s More

Leo strongly believes in the power of gaming in learning.

He acquired English reading and writing skills playing online games with worldwide players.

He learnt typing from typing games, passing a typing test with a result of 100+ wpm.

Board games and the game of “Go” are also his favourites. During his bachelor study, he tutored the game of “Go” in the leading academy.

Now being an active player of board game, he also volunteers as judge in board game competition.

Professional Designations:

  • DISC profile behavioral Consultant
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile Consultant
  • WorkPlace Value Profile Consultant
  • Ennegram practitioner
  • Facet 5 Administrator
  • Harrison Assessment Administrator
  • Gamification Expert
  • Board Game instructor
  • Board Game Designer
  • Points of You Master Practitioner
  • Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Practitioner
  • Predictive Learning Analytics
  • ISO 9001& 10002 Internal Auditor
  • Mystery Shopper Practitioner