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Wrist Watch Company: Sales Skills Manual of Terminal Sales Staff

Business Nature A China’s wrist watch company listed in Hong Kong is running business covering designing, branding and terminal marketing with a history of over 30 years. There are more than 2300 stores and 3000 sales assistants in all over China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
Challenges Their frontline terminal stores distribute in different cities, including first-tier cities, third-or-fourth-tier cities, and even in counties. Because of the differences in development level, management skills and personnel background, it shows that stores and sales assistants varied in the deficient recognition of the organization, history, cultural concept, products and process flow etc.; especially in service quality and sales skills.
Intervention ROCK consultants visited typical stores as mystery customers, communicated with every business line manager, collected and sorted cases of terminal sales assistants. Carded and optimized existed training system. Figured out what terminal sales assistants need to master are company’s culture, brand image and idea, story and characteristics of products, process flow, services standard and sales skills. Wrote scripts according to all these things and shot them into learning videos with professional teams.
Achievements Carded and optimized 8 training projects in 1.5 years, including training project for company culture, products, sales skills, service standard and idea. Compiled “Sales skills manual of terminal sales staff” with over 30-thousand words, providing terminal sales assistants with detailed instruction in tasks and skills used to customers. Instruction is shown via cases.