About Us

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ROCK Philosophy

ROCK is interpreted to be a Yan Shi, which is used to grinding ink. It is a tool that helps people inherit and transfer their wisdom and arts to next generation.

ROCK Training Consultants serve as the means to transfer knowledge and wisdom in companies and communities.

ROCK Principles

ROCK adopts 2 main principles on program design.

Psychology-basis: We program people’s mind. ROCK not only addresses the issues “how to do” but also “why not to do” and “why to do”

Case-basis: We program behaviors thru cases. ROCK uses and simulates learners’ authentic cases at work for practices to transfer skills

ROCK Methodology

Retain: customizes learning solutions by 3R behavior reprogramming process.

Recognize: Diagnose and measure clients’ problems and recognize people’s behavioral gap.

Reprogramme: Collect and study authentic cases and customize training solutions for behavior reprogramming.