Circle Painting

A Creative Way of Painting that Simulates How Personal Goal Aligned with Corporate’s

Team Building Program

What it is:

Participants create their own painting with the inputs from other teammates and finally combine all paintings into one. It simulates how individual goals align with the company’s overall direction. They will understand their working partners more in a very interesting, constructive, and effective way.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People encounter difficulty to work or communicate with their teammates effectively
  • Managers do not know how to value the differences among team members
  • People want to have vision with more big picture
  • People want to have better team spirit/mindset
  • Managers want activities to enhance employees’ bonding
Program Flow: Part 1: Normalization
  • Know more about the facilitator
  • Understand the objectives of the workshop
Part 2: Ice-breaking Activities
  • Through Psychological activities to understand more about their teammates
  • Realize the importance of trust and big picture
Part 3: Circle Painting
  • Draw their own piece of painting
  • Share their thoughts and team direction
  • Turn the pieces into masterpiece (a big picture)
Part 4: Wrap-up
  • Develop action plan for sustaining this team spirit and helping/appreciative culture