Design Thinking for Innovation

My Dears, Generate many Ideas

Innovation Program

What it is:

Valuable Ideas are part of the major components for a company to success. From this program, you will learn the human centric concepts of design thinking and acquire different tools that could be applied to innovate at future work. Also, it teaches you how to generate many useful ideas.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People want to generate more ideas
  • People want to learn how to think out of the box
  • Managers want their team to have more creative and new ideas
  • People want to learn how to apply the ideas into workplace
Program Flow: Part 1: Design Thinking Model – Empathize
  • Through Experiential exercise “Interview Customers” to observe
Part 2: Design Thinking Model – Define
  • Learn to synthesize our findings into insights
Part 3: Design Thinking Model – Ideate
  • Learn to identify problems and create solutions for users
  • Try to push for a widest possible range of ideas, not simply finding a single, best solution.
Part 4: Design Thinking Model – Prototype and Test
  • Apply the prototype possible solutions
  • Discover solutions with the greatest benefit