Micro Expression Licensed Program

How to Read Faces to Unveil the Hidden Truths of Others

Face-Reading and Body-Language Techniques Program

What it is:

This program helps you and your employees to learn the hidden emotion and feelings of others through enhancing sensitivity to facial expression. The staff can heighten their sensitivity towards different stakeholders which foster their better collaboration. This is a licensed program published from ROCK.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People want to Know hidden emotion & feelings of others through enhancing sensitivity to facial expression
  • People want to check agreement of different stakeholders from micro expression
  • Managers want to use Micro-Expression for general staff public enrollment
  • Staff want to build better relationship with co-workers through probing people’s micro expression
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduce Micro Expression
  • Through the Experiential Activity “Guess what I think” to understand why we need to learn Micro Expressions for better management
  • Understand whether people could “lie” in their expressions through knowing how our brain works
Part 2: 7 Universal Micro Expressions and Emotion it represents
  • Learn to acquire the framework as basis to understand ME: Happiness / Contempt / Disgust / Anger / sadness/ Fear / Surprise
  • Learn to spot Micro Expressions, detect lies and disagreement from people’s variation
Part 3: Micro Expressions in Action
  • Through METV Challenge to further strengthen their techniques in picking up micro expressions
  • Learn the tips in probing Micro Expressions
Part 4: BLINK Conversation Technique
  • Application of BLINK techniques to elicit expressions to check understanding
  • Have Skill practice at workplace scenario