Mindful Presentation

Learn how to design a new presentation style to make a brand-new image and impress audiences

Presentation Workshop

What it is:

We provide the “All-Round Presentation” program to aid you to design a persuasive presentation and you have practice opportunities. This program guides you to effectively present key messages and be impressive.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People do not know how to present effectively and impressively
  • People do not know how to design an impressive presentation
  • People encounter difficulty to present the key points
  • People encounter difficulty to deliver messages effectively
  • People do not know how to grab audiences’ attention
Program Flow: Part 1: Design a Persuasive Presentation
  • Learn ISAC Audience Reaction (Impression, Simplicity, Awareness, Curiosity)
  • Through Experiential Exercise learn how the audience perceives and so know how we should present
  • Understand the key result and key message in the Presentation
Part 2: Understand Human Memory in Presentation
  • Witness how much we could forget and where we remember in a presentation
  • Use the “From hamburger to Cupcake approach” to make your key message memorable
Part 3: Presentation Practice
  • Learn how to kick-start your presentation to arouse curiosity
  • Learn the 4 ways to hook your participants
  • Learn how to use the visual aids to attract your audiences effectively
Part 4: 1-2-2 strategy Structure
  • Use Psychological experience to describe how chunking helps us understand
  • Provide presentation skill practice