O2O Customer Psychology

Deliver an excellent experience to customers

Customer Services Program

What it is:

This program will enhance your understanding of O2O generation and their preferred buying behaviors. It teaches you to provide up to trend customer experience to O2O customer.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Staff do not know the preference of their customers
  • Staff want to understand more about service mindset
  • Staff do not understand the needs and behaviours patterns of O2O customers
  • Staff want to provide excellent experiences to customers
Program Flow: Part 1: Understand your customer (O2O Generation)
  • Know that O2O is not a type of customer but a whole generation
  • Learn 3 major needs of O2O customer
Part 2: Energizer – Paper, Scissors, Stone (How to WIN tactically?)
  • Understand Behaviours is predictable
Part 3: 5 behaviours patters (IT- ICQ) of O2O customer
  • Informative, Target-search, Involvement, Challenge, Quick
Part 4: Ways to enhance the customer journey (Selling & Service)
  • Learn cross-selling
  • Learn the ways to sell and serve