Personal Effectiveness

Behave well to be effective

Personal development Program

What it is:

This program teaches you to understand what behaviors lower your personal effectiveness and why we can’t do thing effectively even if enormous effort is paid. It will introduce 6 keys behaviors that are related to your personal effectiveness and aid you to figure the action to lead you to better performance at work.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Employees want to enhance their personal effectiveness at their work
  • Managers want to increase whole teams’ performance
  • Managers want to figure out the actions for their employees to enhance effectiveness
  • Staff want to understand the behaviours related to personal effectiveness
Program Flow: Part 1: Identify Personal effectiveness
  • Learn Personal effectiveness is a combination of both efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand it is an outcome of mixture between skillset and mindset
Part 2: 6 key behaviours that dictate personal effectiveness
  • Learn the ACE Behaviors by Mindset: Activity, Clarity, Essentiality
  • Learn the CAP Behaviors by Skillset: Credibility, Accountability, Productivity
Part 3: Application of the 6 key behaviors at workplace
  • Provide 6 cases that show how you can apply the 6 key behaviors
  • Understand how it boosts up performance