Power Run

Running Together for Power. Running Together with Power.

Team Development Program

What it is:

This program utilizes AR technology to create teambuilding activities to engage all staffs with ONE Team mindset during offsite event. The participants need to finish tasks based one a story related to Power Factory. It can enhance their bonding among the WHOLE team thru collective moments.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers want to enhance the bonding among the WHOLE team
  • People want to learn to agile in embracing changes to overcome obstacles
  • Managers want to use the trending AR technology to train their employees
  • Managers want their employees to speak out and stand up proactively
  • Managers do not know how to train their staff to form effective strategy to maximize resources under time pressure
Program Flow: Part 1: Normalization: Ice Breaking
  • Through activity to know each other better
  • Forming teams
Part 2: Main Challenge of the Day – POWER RUN@AR
  • Teams use our AR app to find the hidden marks and hints to overcome different challenges
  • All teams need to collaborate to overcome the changes and obstacles of the challenges
Part 3: Debriefing of the activity
  • Understand how they manage the changes and what’s their attitude
  • Understand how the open communication and openness to ideas are created
  • Understand how to get alignment under uncertainties and act quick to adapt to environment
Part 4: Learning Consolidation
  • Identify ONE Key Learning in the activity
  • Learn that collaboration is the MOST important way to achieve team goal