Project Management by Non-PM

Manage Project and Key Stakeholders involved in effectively

Project Management Workshop

What it is:

Managing Project is not easy – as a task out of routine job duties, one’s techniques in stakeholder management and deep understanding in monitoring progress is vital. In this workshop, we introduce the concept of what a project is, as well as how we make the 2 critical steps right to win at the beginning of the project.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Talents need to handle work projects without project management experience
  • Talents has to lead a team which works in project basis
  • Talents are working on business or process transformation for corporates
  • During project management, encountering communication problems with stakeholders
Program Flow: Part 1: Key Mindset in Managing a Project
  • The 5 Steps in managing a project: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Closing
  • 2 critical steps in the process that defines the project success
Part 2: Initiating – Define your projects with Understanding Stakeholders’ Values
  • 5 elements of a Project Definition Statement
  • Map out the stakeholders’ values on how your project could address on
Part 3: Planning – Design Workflow Chart using the Work Breakdown Structure
  • “Make a Plane in 14 days” to identify how we breakdown project work into deliverables and activities
  • Plan schedule with critical path method
Part 4: Monitor & Executing
  • Engage Stakeholders throughout the Process through the Collaboration Map
  • Manage stakeholders when planning is unmet