Rules of Influences

Influencing Others with Psychological Strategies, not Authority

Influencing Skills Workshop

What it is:

In this program, we will go through the 6 keys of influencing others, how to create the golden moments to impress your targets from psychological perspectives, and 7 strategies on influencing others to make decisions. This program would introduce ROI on the aspects of Daily Interaction, Idea Presentation, and Work Conversation. It would aid you to learn the way to increase your own influencing power.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People encounter difficulty to persuade others
  • Line managers encounter difficulty in influencing others
  • Line managers encounter difficulty in create staff’s desires
  • People do not know how to impress targets
  • People have no idea on how to create golden moments
Program Flow: Part 1: Basic Introduction of Rules of Influence (ROI)
  • Through the Lead-in Exercise “Buy Me” to introduce the basic concept of ROI
  • Through Simulation Exercise “Mark-6 ticket bidding” to experience golden moments
Part 2: ROI on Daily Interaction: Making Yourself more Credible
  • Utilize psychological effect to identify how to build rapport and a sense of trust
Part 3: ROI on Idea Presentation: Creating People’s Desires
  • Learn to change your perspective to make your suggestions more appealing
  • Apply the technique learnt to influence the colleague
Part 4: ROI on Work Conversation: 7 Strategies of Influence
  • Learn 7 strategies on influencing others to make decisions
  • Skills practice on the 7 strategies to impress the targets