Storify Your Words

Storify What You Say to Increase Attraction and Attention

Story Creation and Storytelling Program

What it is:

This program helps you to understand why story is more effective ways of presenting message. It can enhance your story-telling skills from learning the core ingredients of storytelling. It can help you to present your ideas more effectively.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People want to make their presentation more appealing
  • People need a structure to present complicated information in a simple way
  • People want to know how to integrate the products or services into story-selling
  • People want to do effective presentation, sharing and briefing to others
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduce How Story works to touch others
  • Through Stimulation Activity “Stroop Reading” to understand why story works for touching others
  • Learn the Psychology of Story-Selling “SEM effect”
Part 2: “STORY” Core Ingredients of a Great Story
  • Learn to the “STORY” Core ingredients (Scene, Tension, Outburst, Recall, Yield)
  • Conduct Skill Practice to use “STORY” ingredients to create a story based on your organization
Part 3: How to present your stories
  • Learn to match the stories with the targeted audience given
  • Learn to time the story in presentation
  • Learn voice control
Part 4: How to apply story-selling techniques in reality
  • Understand the 3 Impromptu structures to set up story easily
  • Learn to present the short story to impress given audience
  • Skill Practice on presenting a short story to use in annual dinner