Think Big

All-rounded Way of Thinking and Working Strategically

Strategic Thinking Program

What it is:

This program will help you to enhance your strategic thinking ability. You can learn to acquire skills to translate operational strategies into executional strategies for colleagues to follow and help the company achieve better outcomes.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers want to lift up skills from operation level to strategic
  • Managers do not know how to lead team to achieve things based on business imperatives
  • People need tools to understand and analyse situation according to company strategies
  • People want to come up a powerful strategic for their company
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduce Strategic Thinking
  • Through the Activity “15 Claps” to understand what strategy is and why it is important at every level in business
  • Learn the 3 Levels of Vertical Strategies
Part 2: Internal and External Factors that affect Strategies
  • Learn Internal 3P Factors: Philosophy, People, Process
  • Learn External PESTEL Factors: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal
Part 3: Translate Operational Strategies using 3S
  • Use 3S Substance, Standard, Sample to make an operational strategy
  • Discuss to turn one operational goal of your department into 3S executional goal
Part 4: Create Synergy using Lateral Strategic Thinking
  • Through Exercise “Value Chain Gallery” to understand how one’s own role connect with other departments to create values for them
  • Develop your own operational strategies