Who said trainers don’t need training?

Coaching Skills Program

What it is:

This program will train the trainers to communicate positively with their employees and enhance their facilitation skills. It will introduce why having facilitations is important and how to do it. The trainers can learn to provide a more interactive training course from this program.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Trainers want to learn how to do facilitations effectively
  • Trainers want to structure one’s own training to make it more interactive rather than one-way teaching
  • Trainers want to know how to handle challenging learners
Program Flow: Part 1: Facilitation vs Teaching
  • Through the Exercise “The Impossible Hole” to witness the difference between telling a message and facilitating learning
  • Understand how to structure our training with different learning methodologies for best engagement and learning
Part 2: Handle Challenging Learners
  • Conduct Psychological exercise “Why people step inside the circle?”
  • Learn the keys to handle the challenging learners are not by Framed with their reactions
Part 3: 5 types of challenging learners
  • 5 types: Snowman, Machine Gun, Panel, Crown, Black Cloud
  • Learn to handle the learners with appropriate manner without triggering their emotions
Part 4: ReDesign your Training
  • Re-design their own training with interactive methodologies in it
  • Identify potential challenges and how to handle