Tug of War

Methods to Comprehend the Emotion and Action of Others during Negotiation

Negotiation training workshop

What it is:

Negotiation is common in the workplace as it can help the company to maximize their benefits and protect from exploitation. However, improper negotiation is easy to cause a breakdown of negotiations and has a negative impact on the two parties’ relationship. In this program, we would aid you to learn the essential skills in negotiating with others, how to better prepare for negotiation, as well as introducing the negotiation model and tactics.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Staff encounter difficulty on negotiating with others
  • Staff do not know how to differentiate facts and options
  • Staff have difficulties to maintain a good atmosphere during negotiation
  • Staff encounter difficulty on tackling challenging questions during negotiation
Program Flow: Part 1: Normalization
  • Have a lead-in activity “Poker Challenge” and role play to understand different situations in negotiation
  • Use psychological perspectives to identify the perceptions, emotions, and rational aspects in negotiation process
Part 2: Essential Skills in negotiating with others
  • Learn how to differentiate facts and opinions
  • Introduce how to control emotions of counterpart
  • Understand the pre-work of negotiation
Part 3: Negotiation Model
  • Identify the 3 steps before moving on the Collaboration Map
Part 4: Negotiation Tactics
  • Introduce various negotiation tactics
  • Provide negotiation in action such as skill practices and feedback, and action plan formulation