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Sports Teambuilding to Ignite Leaders & Team – TeamEX in Hot Summer

The long-awaited Tokyo Olympics 2020 finally takes place from 24 July to 9 August. The globe is heated up by the sports competition. Athletes dedicate their time and efforts to refine their skills, bringing glory back to their country in these worldwide games.

We are here to join the heat! Join our TeamEX competition. Win honor and prizes for your organization and working teams!

Sarah Lee Wai-Sze, our Hong Kong top cyclist, endured daily intensive training from 7am to 7pm. She was born with anemia, which implied a poor ability to exercise, but managed to overcome it. In 2006, she had a serious accident and suffered from broken bone. Still, she came back and won a bronze medal in 2012 Olympic Games and 2 gold medals in 2014 Asian Games.

It may seem like an exceptional story that is mission impossible. Doesn’t it? Even though not everyone is a top athlete, participating in sports competition nurtures sportsmanship and endurance.

In the Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology (2012), the interrelation of sports, business, executive coaching and professions is thoroughly discussed. There are many similarities shared by athletic peak performance and business excellence. Many of the key principles in sport performance can be readily applied to the business world (Jones, 2002).

Let’s ignite our inner sportsmanship in the TeamEX! Designed by a team of sport psychologist, athlete and industrial-organizational psychologist, TeamEX integrates 3 pillars to build passionate teams!


There is a wide range of activities and sports competition, varying from physical strength, agility, competitiveness, and cooperation level, available to fulfill your needs. Some of the examples would be Dodgeball, Mölkky as well as dragon and lion dance These activities can be combined flexibly to match with the physical conditions, learning purposes and development needs of your organization and team.

What is Dodgeball? Two teams compete against each other. Athletes try to throw balls and hit opponents. One will be eliminated from the game when hit by the ball. It is played formally as an international sport. Dodgeball World Championship games are held every year by the World Dodgeball Federation.

What is Mölkky?
Mölkky is a throwing game from Finland. Winning the game requires a combination of skill and luck. It is suitable for people of different age and physical conditions as the game is a low-intensity sport. Mölkky World Championship is organized annually.

What is Dragon & Lion Dance?
Dragon & Lion Dance is a traditional dance in Chinese culture. Dressed in costumes, performers mimic the movement of dragon and lion to bring good luck and fortune. The dances are commonly seen during Chinese New Year, festivals and other celebration events.
Apart from the sports competition, knowledge and skills in leadership and team collaboration are delivered along with the sports competition. Participants simultaneously learn new skills and practice them through the programme.

Leadership and team collaboration assessment are selected and adapted by our industrial-organizational psychologists. Leader and team performance are assessed during the sports competition. A detailed insight report with people analytics is provided for each participating team.


Interested in it and Looking for other sports activities?
Partnering with Catcher Limited, we offer many popular sports and integrate them into teambuilding programmes, including football, basketball, badminton, etc. Competitions are organized with professional standard and requirement. Our sports advisory board include members from the Hong Kong Football Association, Sport Psychologist of Premier League, Dodgeball Association.

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Mölkky is a throwing game from Finland
Dragon & Lion Dance is a traditional dance in Chinese culture
Dodgeball World Championship games are held every year

Jones, G. (2002). Performance excellence: A personal perspective on the link between sport and business. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 14(4), 268-281.

Murphy, S. (Ed.). (2012). The Oxford handbook of sport and performance psychology. Oxford University Press.