Carole Zhou (National registered class iii psychological consultant)

  • Bachelor degree in psychology
  • National registered class iii psychological consultant
  • Client manager

Carole has a psychological background and has been serving the psychological industry. She used to be a middle school psychology teacher and an EAP customer manager. Now she is the client manager of Rock. For the courses and training in psychology, she has her own insights, and can combine what she has seen and learned into the courses.

Carole used to serve as the EAP client manager, responsible for the management and implementation of employee care projects, and once took charge of 20+ projects, tailored EAP projects for leading enterprises in the manufacturing and real estate industries, sincerely serving their employees and assisting their sustainable development.

Carole used to be a middle school psychology teacher, responsible for the seventh grade mental health class teaching, for the middle school to prepare for the establishment of psychological care services, the introduction of mental health class, through face-to-face counseling, team sand table, collective group building activities to alleviate the psychological pressure of students.

Carole actively participates in psychological volunteers and other public welfare activities, and has the honor to be a lecturer of guangdong psychological propaganda group. She will assist the propaganda group to carry out 300 psychological popularization activities in guangdong province. She also participated in psychological volunteer activities to guide and help people with psychological problems.

Carole is very open to sharing her experience, sharing her job-hunting process and practical needs for corporate training with graduating seniors at guangzhou university.

Carole has applied the DISC personality test to her daily life and work as soon as she certified it as a lecturer, sharing it across a variety of topics. Recently, she Shared with students in guangzhou no. 16 middle school how to use the DISC in their relationships with classmates, teachers and parents.

Areas of expertise

  • DISC personality analysis
  • team building activities
  • EAP customization
  • adolescent mental health

What’s More

Carole has never stopped pursuing beauty. She hopes to make herself more pleasing to the eye, and at the same time to inspire people around her to love and value herself more.

Carole is enthusiastic, sincere and friendly. She has many intimate friends. She often organizes parties to let her friends have more opportunities to communicate.

At the same time, she loves traveling and photography. Carole will also be a guest model and often take photos to record her life and herself.

Professional Designations:

  • Bachelor degree in psychology
  • National registered class iii psychological consultant
  • Certified “DISC” personality test instructor
  • Lecturer of guangdong psychological propaganda group