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Wrist Watch Company: Sales Skills Manual of Terminal Sales Staff

Business Nature A famous real estate company in mainland China. They have a number of self-owned design institutes in charge of the design of various real estate projects of their own.
Challenges Currently, the designers have a very fine distinction in specialty. They are proficient in their own fields, but have a one-sided understanding of the design work of other modules and relevant parties before the property development. They are used to being practical and realistic in daily work, and lack the awareness and skills to effectively identify and flexibly influence the numerous relevant parties and their needs in the project. After the adjustment of the structure, they need to not only know how to design diagram, but also be able to engage others in completing the project efficiently.
Intervention We investigated the working scene and procedure of the design directors, and tailor-made a two-day course for them. Study and assessment is completed by pre-class preparation and test, training, after-class examination and oral defense. In the course, personality tests and social psychological theory were used as tools to lead everyone to analyze themselves, others and the team step by step, and mastered the thinking and methods that affected all parties of the project team. We also followed up to help solve problems in application.
Achievements Completed three phases of certification training and assessment, and certified more than 120 project design directors. Improved design directors’ identification, understanding and impact on the project stakeholders and their requirements.