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Furniture Retailer: Providing Customers With High Quality Services

Business Nature A globally renowned furniture retailer with branches in Guangzhou and Foshan. They provide customers with good products and high-quality self-service.
Challenges Consumers are getting more accustomed to online shopping. At the same time, they have higher requirements for offline services, such as immediate, accurate and professional responses. Front-line sales staff have a superficial understanding of “customer-centric”. They habitually throw customers’ questions to their shift supervisor.
Intervention ROCK consultants first visited the retail sites as mysterious customers and made observations and records. Then they toured the stores with the business managers and HRBPs to understand the current situation and their expectations in each scenario. Then the consultants collected all kinds of cases in the past, and customized the courses and application scenarios. In the course, we made full use of original ways of learning such as role playing to let trainees experience their expectations and feelings when they are serving and being served. They also learned relevant theories and application in practical cases to train and test trainees’ mastery.
Achievements The training is highly appraised by the trainees; After class, our customer took a timely review and corresponding project follow-up.