360 Leader

Take a 360 View on Leadership and Learn to be a Leader with 360 Vision

All-Rounded Leadership Program

What it is:

This program will teach you how trust could turn into managing speed and cost. The managers can learn to manage their colleagues in different developmental stages and different perspectives. It can train you to become a better leader and enhance your team performance.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Leaders want to differentiate how to manage colleagues in different developmental stages
  • Leaders want to acquire skills in building trustworthy relationship
  • Managers who are newly promoted and want to learn manage well
  • People want to transform to be a leader from a manager
Program Flow: Part 1: Trust as Basis
  • Through Activity “Poker Sequences” to experience how disclosing self could makes an efficient team
  • Learn the tips to build your trust account
Part 2: How to Know your Colleagues for Team Working
  • Use Passion vs Competence matrix to identify development stage of your colleagues
  • Understanding Managing vs Leading
  • Learn how to apply the skills to work with high and low performers
Part 3: Manage Relationship by knowing their mind
  • Conduct 2 Psychological Experiments “Who sell the best” and “8+ vs. 7+1-“ to learn to appreciate your staff
Part 4: Manage Performance with 3S Objectives
  • Learn 3S: Substance, Standard, and Sample
  • Turn high-level career goals into 3S objectives