Creative Reflection – Points of You ®

Using the Points of You ® tools to understand people’s inner thoughts and create creative solutions from different perspectives.

Creative thinking and inner reflection Program

What it is:

Points of You ® can combine different topics to make the training more actively and shows significant effect. It can be applied in different training topics such as: Coaching, Customer Service, Leadership, Corporate Culture & Team Building, Communication Skills, Sales Enhancement, Target/Action Plan Setting, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, etc.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Lack of muti-thinking and positive thinking mindset
  • Not understand own real thoughts
  • Haven’t clear individual/team goal setting and action planning
  • Lack of communication and creative thinking skills
  • Want to enhance customer service and selling skills
  • Lack of effective, interactive and fun coaching methods
Program Flow: Part 1: Pause
  • Let the brain have a short rest to achieve a calm brain frequency through meditation. The calm brain frequency can help trainees inspire more possibilities and enhance creativity in the subsequent steps
Part 2: Expand
  • By using the various Points of You® tools, trainees can find out the possibilities and feasibility of issues
Part 3: Focus
  • Focus on various possibilities and find the best solution
Part 4: Doing
  • Establish an effective action plan through systematic steps