Leading New Generation

Knowing the Mind of New Generations and Leading them Effectively

New Generation Workforce Management Program

What it is:

In this program, we bring your team to experience the mindset of new generation. By understanding their mindset at work and what they are looking for, the team would understand how to work with them by identifying their psychological needs at work to foster a better team performance.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People leaders encounter difficulty in working with new generation staff
  • People leaders are still using the “old way” in managing the new staff
  • High turnover rate of new generation staff because of management issues
  • People leaders do not understand how to manage performance while keeping relationship well
Program Flow: Part 1: What’s New Gen is Thinking?
  • Witness the “Echo Chamber Effect” in working with new generations and how conflict arises from it
  • Understand the mindset of New Gen in their chamber
Part 2: New Era of Leading
  • Realize what makes New Gen staff buy in from authenticity
  • Learn how to show authentic leadership in leading new generations
Part 3: Progressing Your New Gen Staff
  • Steps in helping your New Gen staff to step up in the career ladder or lattice
  • Understand what are the pitfalls in leading them in progressing and how to avoid
Part 4: Motivate Your New Gen
  • Maslow is no longer working? Identify the key motivators for New Gen at work
  • Learn how to motivate with the New Gen leading style