A Mind Game of Change

Why People Resist to Changes and Why People Change?

Change Management Training Program

What it is:

To lead a change effectively, you must first know how people react in change. Designed with our previous experiences in Process Re-engineering as well as our Transformation Consulting, this program would aid your understanding on people’s psychology under changes and how we could address it with strategies to tackle their true needs in the change process.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Company is encountering internal or external changes
  • Team need to adopt to new ways of working
  • Staff duties involve frequent need in initiating or executing changes
  • Staff do not engage when undergoing changes
  • Discover staff reacting negatively towards changes
Program Flow: Part 1: Do People Afraid of Change
  • Experience people’s mindset in changes through an experiential activity “Rope Off”
  • Reveal the true face of change inside corporate individuals
Part 2: How People Reacts Under Changes
  • Identify people’s emotion and motivation during change process
  • Learn 3 keys throughout the change process
Part 3: Communicating Changes
  • Learn when the best moment is to elicit change during the process
  • Prioritize changes for different staff inside your team
Part 4: Applying Changes
  • Learn how to manage resistance during corporate changes
  • Apply changes in your current situations