No More Boxing

Understanding Why Difficult People Difficult And How to Handle

Complaint Handling Training Program

What it is:

This program introduces the key to empathetic communication from psychological perspective, the common fallacy, what triggers client’s emotion, and handling complaints in action. This program would aid you to learn showing empathy during complaint handling and prevent your company suffer from public relations blunders.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People encounter difficulties in handling complaints
  • People do not know the emotion behind the clients
  • People do not understand how to show empathy during complaint handling
  • People encounter difficulties to have an empathetic communication with complainants
  • People do not know the steps to show empathy through phone calls
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduce empathy in Psychology and the common fallacy
  • Through the lead-in activity “Drawing Something” to understand empathy in Psychology
  • Learn the key to empathetic communication
  • Understand the common fallacy when we handle complaints
Part 2: Emotion in Empathy
  • Understand the crucial 3 emotions of empathy
  • Know how to empathize with the 3 emotions
Part 3: Understand Complaints’ mind
  • Conduct a simulation activity “Immigration Quarrel” for a better understanding
  • Witness how conflict has arisen
  • Learn the key to handling people with anger
Part 4: Handle Complain in Action
  • Learn to acknowledge pain-points, explain with empathy, and provide options to follow-up
  • Understand the 3 conditional questions to propose alternatives