Power Inside Out

Search for and Exercise the Power from Within

Motivation and empowerment workshop

What it is:

The Power Inside Out program would demonstrate the importance of motivation and empowerment. You will learn the practical techniques of empowering self and others, and how to apply them in the workplace.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People leaders encounter difficulty in motivate their employees
  • People who easily feel lack of motivation
  • People do not know how to empower themselves
  • People leaders do not understand how to empower their employees properly
Program Flow: Part 1: What is motivation?
  • Show the importance of motivation and empowerment
  • Introduce Empowerment by Delegation & Empowerment by Time Journey
Part 2: Introduce steps to Empowerment
  • Learn the 3 steps to Empowerment
Part 3: Power from Motivators
  • Conduct stimulation activity “Train-Driver Dilemma” to discover your own motivators
  • Use psychological perspectives to learn how could you be motivated
Part 4: Skill application
  • Understand who and what to delegate
  • Identify the motivators of yours and your staff
  • Try to link motivators and the delegated tasks to motivate employees