Unconscious Bias

Learn strategies to make ourselves able to work without biases

Bias Elimination Program

What it is:

We organize this topic to better aid participants to care for the public, no matter who she/he is. This program will help you to identify your unconscious bias and provide several ways for you to eliminate them.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers encounter difficulty to eliminate their unconscious bias
  • People do not know their own unconscious bias
  • People do not know how to eliminate their bias
  • People encounter difficulty in providing treatment to everyone equally
Program Flow: Part 1: Introduction of Bias
  • Experience how one would be biased unconsciously
  • Understand how it affects our customer services
  • Use the Kahoot test to test your own bias
Part 2: The illusion Experiment
  • Conduct a Psychological experiment to understand how our experience made us biased
  • Showcase how our mindset would be biased in the 4 steps model
Part 3: Learn Ways to Eliminate Bias
  • Learn the 3 ways to eliminate bias
  • Use the Sure Win Paper-Scissor-Stone strategy to introduce how to eliminate people think we are biased