Who’s the Master?

Are You Mastering or Being Mastered by Emotion?

Emotion Intelligence Program

What it is:

This program helps you to equip essential mindset and skillset to thrive in changing environment. It will introduce emotion from psychological perspective and how it affects employees’ personal relationship and job performance. Also, it teaches you to manage self by turning negative emotion to positive emotion thru effective support system and neutralization.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Employees do not know how to manage their emotions properly
  • People increase self-awareness on emotion
  • People want to achieve better performance
  • People are in changing environment or under high pressure
  • People want to communicate with others while managing their emotions
Program Flow: Part 1: A Big Misunderstanding on Emotion
  • Through the Simulated Exercise “Marshmallow Experiment” to understand emotion is an indicator that predict behaviors but not just result of feeling
  • Learn the differences between E, EI and EQ
Part 2: Key to Affect People’s Work Performance Level
  • Conduct Structured Exercise “EAP Curves” to understand the interaction and relations between Emotion, Ability and Performance
  • Learn 3 core negative emotions at workplace
Part 3: From Negative Mood to Positive Mood
  • Through Psychological Activity “Black Hole” to learn the skills to tackle fear
  • Learn Neutralization Cycle: 3 steps (Language-Encourage-Action) to lead people come out from negative emotion to positive attitude
Part 4: Practical Case Study
  • Learn how to handle own anger and know the follow up action to help a person of sadness
  • Understand the 4 systems to assist you on managing negative emotion