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Luxury Retailer: Significant Increase In Sales Volume

Business Nature A well-known diamond company has set up counters in a large chain of jewelry stores to sell its diamonds.
Challenges The company aims to improve the sales volume and customer experience. The growth of sales volume and the improvement of customer experience all depend on the understanding and familiarity of front-line salesmen on the selling points of the products and their skillful selling skills. Sales’ improvement depends on their supervisors coaching them in real time. In addition, the turnover rate of frontline sales staff is relatively high, so it is more important to improve the Coaching capacity of supervisors.
Intervention Rock was invited to design a series of training programs for them. In 2014, the first training program was officially launched, which lasted for 2 months and involved 51 supervisors from 40 stores. First, the trainees learn the methods and skills of “JIT Coaching” (JUST-IN-TIME Coaching) as well as the brand’s diamond selling points, sales techniques and processes in a 2-day workshop. In this way, the supervisors will be able to impart their own experience and methods to frontline sales staff using JIT Coaching. Within 1 month after the workshop, they needed to coach their subordinates continuously so that they can skillfully use the skills of JIT Coaching. After 1 month, Rock’s consultants inspected the coaching capacity improvement of each supervisor and give comments and suggestions for further improvement. Two months later, Rock consultants went on a field trip again. Most of the executives have Coaching skills internalized into their daily behaviors. Employees all said that as the supervisor replaced the previous coaching with JIT Coaching, the whole working atmosphere became relaxed and lively, and they work much happily every day.
Achievements The first year after training, sales volume, sales amount and mysterious customers’ satisfaction all far exceeded the set target. Diamond sales growth by 65% and mysterious customers’ satisfaction is up to 81%. The training program has achieved remarkable results and continued to be implemented in Macao, Shenzhen and Beijing in the following two years.