Virtual Reality Makes Your MOTIVATION TRAINING from VIRTUAL to REAL


Have you ever thought that you can boost your colleagues’ motivational level using a highly engaging immersive VR GAME?!

We are glad to announce that ROCK Training Consultants has newly launched our first ever VR MOTIVATION TRAINING – The MOTIVRANGER together with our sister company, 3Circles, to help you and your team to strive and perform better!!

15 managerial staffs from one of the most trend-setting non-profit organization in Hong Kong have experienced the meaningful training last month with fruitful takeaways. Throughout the half-day training, they moved from stages to stages in the VR activity by unlocking their potentials, knowledge and understanding on various motivational theories. They learned to identify people with different motivational needs and grasped ways to motivate them accordingly. Most importantly, with the help of VR, participants were given the chance to apply such knowledge by motivating some virtual characters that resemble the real workplace situation in the last stage of the game.

The interim review between stage 1 and 2 marked the peak of the whole training. We saw how participants moved forward from struggle and frustration to satisfaction and enjoyment after a deep reflection led by our facilitator. If we are to use psychological concept to explain such changes, it will definitely be a transformation from fear zone to growth zone in which an individual started to aware and accept his or her current situation and attempt to take action to overcome it.

All participants gave positive feedback on the whole experiences at the end of the half-day training and asked for the next session eagerly. We are glad to notice how the energy level of the participants improved gradually throughout the whole process and are confident that they are motivated to bring such positive energy back to their workplace in reality.

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Participants are highly engaged in the training.

Participants worked closely in different squads to accomplish the task.

Grounding the rules is undoubtedly important for a good training.