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Make Hiring Decisions through Structuring Interviews with Competence-based Approach

Interview Skills Workshop

What it is:

Hiring the right person is core for a successful organization. Nevertheless, even though line managers possess adequate knowledge for the positions, it doesn’t mean they always know HOW to find the right person. By acquiring the appropriate questions and interviewer impression, our program aids you to build this successful recruitment procedure for selecting the best candidate.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Line managers encounter difficulty in asking right questions in the interview process
  • Line managers generate a negative impression to candidates during interview process
  • Line managers do not know how to make an interview being structured
  • Line managers have no concept on how to select talents based on competences
Program Flow: Part 1: PECK Approach to Check Competencies
  • Through the “1 Truth 1 Fake” Stimulation interview to understand the key function of interview
  • What is PECK and how to use it to check candidates’ competencies
Part 2: Preparation before Interview
  • Figure out the key competencies in job description
  • Set consistent questions for assessing key competencies
Part 3: Dialogue during Interview
  • Questioning technique: learn specific questions and behavioral outcomes through role-playing
  • How to verify the required competencies in appropriate manner
Part 4: Work at the end of Interview
  • How to build the leadership brand for the company at the end of interview
  • Case practice on how to conduct an interview