Decoding of Personality

Getting Connected with Others through Understanding People’s Personality

Services Mindset and techniques Program

What it is:

This program will identify you and your staff personality and introduce how it influences our work. The participants will conduct different experiences to learn how different types of people behave and their underneath needs. Decoding personality can help to formulate a better and more effective work arrangement.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Staff want to identify themself and other personality types
  • Staff Work in frontline to deal with clients for servicing and selling
  • Managers want to arrange work according to personality
  • Staff want to improve personal effectiveness through better interaction with others
Program Flow: Part 1: Why Knowing Personality
  • Through exercise “Your Left-Hand Experience” to identify our personality
  • Learn the 3-Steps personality: Aware, Identify, Stratify
Part 2: DiSC experience
  • Understand the four quadrants of DiSC: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance
  • Learn how the four personalities interact with environment and people
Part 3: Challenging Behaviors of different DiSC types
  • Conduct Exercise “Representative of the types” to concern the challenging behavior of different types
  • Understand how to handle different challenging types
Part 4: DiSC Application
  • Apply the skills learnt in authentic cases in cooperating with different personalities
  • Discover ONE thing to change your communication style in order to cater preference of different types