Get motivation through VR

VR Motivation Program

What it is:

This program will utilize VR and Metaverse Training to help you to learn how to motivate new staff, high performers, experienced staffs, and problematic staffs according to their motives. It will be divided into 2-Phases Learning and the participants will learn different motivation theories through the VR learning Journey.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers do not know how to motivate others effectively
  • Managers do not know how to discover motivation needs
  • Managers want to provide incentives to motivate their staff
  • Managers want to use innovation VR training to train their staff
Program Flow: Part 1: Expectancy Theory (Group Learning)
  • Through Activity to experience and witness what are important factors that lead to action
  • Learn the Expectancy Theory
  • Self-Learning and share knowledge among squads to ensure reinforcement of learning
Part 2: Motivational Needs Theory (Group Learning)
  • Explore the 3 common sources of human motivation via the game deck
  • Have a Practice to identify the sources of motivation immunes (characters of MOTIVRANGER)
Part 3: Recruit the immunizes! (VR)
  • Understand the internal drive of each immunes using the TWO Theories
  • Motivate and recruit them to be your team member
Part 4: Application on Expectancy Theory and Motivational Need Theory
  • Learn how to apply the theories on self-motivation and motivating staffs with different performance level