Performance Conversation

Learn how to Conduct Performance Appraisal and Handle Difficult Situations during it

Performance Appraisal Conversation Workshop

What it is:

The Performance Conversation program equips your colleagues with concept, skills and techniques in conducting a Performance Appraisal process. Through knowing people’s emotion during the conversation process, they will be empowered to handle various difficult situations during the appraisal process.
Training needs that the program address:
  • Managers don’t know how to conduct a performance conversation
  • Managers triggers colleagues’ emotion during performance conversation, making it difficult to continue
  • Colleagues being passive during the performance conversation process
  • Managers have difficulties to set development goals for colleagues in the performance conversation
Program Flow: Part 1: Know the Performance Conversation Cycle
  • How to communicate expectation of goal (desired result) and standard of different ratings more effectively?
  • Learn Tips & Tools for staff to manage their career proactively & effectively
Part 2: Performance Conversation @ Mid-Year Review
  • Clarify & manage expectation, especially if the subordinate has performance issue, to avoid surprise @ Final Review
  • Common issues during this stage + tips on how to handle it
Part 3: Performance Conversation @ Final Review
  • Framing skills for communicating on performance evaluation, competency, rating etc.
  • Tips / Points to aware when communicate the ratings of 4 & above, 3 and 2 & below
Part 4: Anticipate Difficult Situations
  • 2 steps to handle 3 difficult emotions in the Performance Conversation
  • Case discussion on difficult situations